11 Beauty Tips That Will Change Your Life

Beauty Tips

Having a healthy and shiny hair, perfect waves, flawless complexion, soft and smooth skin, a juicy lips and a striking smile is not as complicated as it seems. Everything can get because everything is in your hands, especially if you use certain tricks of beauty.

 Beauty Tips

From writing Nosotras.com want to share with you 11 beauty tips that will be very useful to be as perfect as you wish. Pay attention and take notes!

  1. The eyes cannot hide the accumulated fatigue all week? A basic tip to disguise tired eyes is to mix some illuminator with concealer. You will see how your eyes light up and nobody notices anything!
  2. Does the color of nail polish once set loses power? To get strong colors on your nails, always utilized a base before applying nail.
  3. Is your hair has lost color? As strange as it sounds, Coca Cola put you before the conditioner will help you to regain its original strength and tone.
  4. Do you want to have a bright and beautiful hair in sight? The editors of the Nosotras.com have a magic potion that can help: Shuffle ripe avocado with a few drops of coconut oil and aplicároslo as a mask on hair for about 5 minutes. When ye aclaréis hair, you shall alucinaréis with the results!
  5. Do you wish that your tan will last longer? To achieve this, avoid the showers too hot and, upon leaving, always put your moisturizer for the body. You will see how the tank is not just a feature of the summer!
  6. The skin on your face does not have a radiant appearance? It is impossible for the face shine and look healthy if you do not follow a routine cleaning and daily hydration.
  7. Does the nails painted hooks and you can not use a month? A good way to keep the enamel without losing its properties is to have it in the fridge. You will see how you can use until the last drop of nail polish!
  8. You notice that your scalp is dry and damaged? Surely the pH of the hair is not right, so we recommend reducing the amount of shampoo that you use.
  9. Unable to remove some hair with hair removal? There is a beauty tip that facilitates hair removal, especially in the legs, underarms or English where ingrown hairs remain. This is a couple of days before waxing.
  10. No lipstick holds you all night? To make lipstick last even taking or having taken a drink after spending 3 hours of your application, you must a Kleenex lip and apply yourself a translucent powder painted after habéroslos. You will see that difference!
  11. How many lines appear around your eyes? The skin around the eyes is one of the most sensitive body that needs a lot of moisture so you know dab of moisturizer to the face every morning!

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