What Influences Laser Hair Removal Prices?

Laser Hair Removal Prices

As laser hair removal only continues to grow more popular, there’s no question why many people are beginning to look into it. The treatment promises great results and leaves you with silkier, smoother looking skin. Hair-free skin is also time efficient and can help you feel more confident. Laser hair removal prices are influenced by …

Survival of the fittest


As Christmas draws near so does the party season and all its food, drinks, late nights and lazy days. But as your social calendar goes into overdrive, it can feel like your healthy regime is going out the window. Annie Kirwan, Pilates and yoga instructor and lululemon ambassador, gives her top tips to stay sane and …

The Benefits of Spray Tanning

skin tan

Spray tanning is a phenomenon in the beauty industry that isn’t going anywhere soon. Raved about by everyone from beauty bloggers through to celebrities, spray tan kits are a fantastic choice for anyone seeking the perfect tan. Helping you achieve a beautiful bronze glow all year round, there’s no question why professional spray tan kits …