Gift Guide for Wedding Anniversaries


Some choose to make traditional gifts every year, such as flowers or chocolates, for the wedding anniversary, but not for other people. Although there are many guides to help you choose the perfect gift, did you know that there is a precious stone or precious metal associated with each of the years of marriage? This information can help you to make the perfect gift, which will be for years as a treasure. For this reason we have created a list with jewels and precious stones that are associated with each of the years of marriage, as well as a quick guide of gifts that will be useful for your purchases..

1st Anniversary – Gold

Although there are some alternative lists that include stones on the first anniversary, traditionally the gift to be made is a gold jewel, as honeymooners are likely to stay in the honeymoon phase and may not have much money to spend on extravagant gifts. This does not mean that your gift can not be impressive.

For her we recommend a gold bracelet to start her own bracelet with charms. Each year you can add a new charm or charm with the stone corresponding to the year of marriage. It is a gift that can treasure a lifetime and that will only become more beautiful over the years.

2nd Anniversary Garnet

Garnet For the second wedding anniversary, why not increase last year’s gifts? She can be given a charm with a garnet for her charms bracelet; the twins of it can be added a brilliant ornament, or choose a pendant that carries the gem of the year to place it in the gold chain that had been given for the first anniversary.

3rd Anniversary – Pearl

The pearl jewelry is an elegant choice for her for third wedding anniversary. We know that pearls are neither precious stones nor precious metals, but they are still impressive and deserve to be on our list. Any jewel with pearls, be it a pendant, a ring, a bracelet, a pair of earrings or a clasp, can add a touch of elegance to any dressing set. Pearl jewelry seems to be less common for men, so we recommend an article that fits your personality and interests and contains details in mother of pearl, such as a watch.

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