Professional Tips on Styling Long Hair with Bangs

long hair style

Are you looking for ways of making your hair more stylish and captivating? Bangs are a hairstyle sensation that can totally change both the look and feel of your hair. Adding bands to long will make you look softer and more youthful. Professional stylists say that side-swept bangs that are somewhat tousled give a flattering look to an otherwise boring hair straight long hair. The following are tips from professional hair stylists on how you can add bangs to long hair.

long hair

  1. Flavor the bangs with some texture

Ever noticed how sexy women look when they have textured long hair with bangs? Texturing your bands bring out a dramatic look in an adult kind of way. It makes you appear playful and portrays your personality as sociable and fun. If you have a triangle-shaped face, go for texturized bangs that are rounded wispy.

  1. Curl up the bangs

You can achieve a sexy look with your bangs by simply curling them. Curling bangs is the hairstyle that is currently trending and matches almost any dressing style. You could also sweep the bangs a little to the side to reveal your delicate facial features.

  1. Pins can be your lifesaver

You are extremely lucky if you have an oval shape because most types of fringe can flatter your face. Airy, pin-straight bangs can help highlight the most dashing parts of your face. Go for bangs that fall just between your brow and eyelash while you leave the edges still long. You can wear this type of bang straight with a middle part or sweep aside.

  1. Layered Bangs

While side swept bangs draw more attention to the eyes and the downward side of your face, you can go for layered, feathered bangs if you’re not after a balanced effect. To style your long hair with bangs this way, style the shorter pieces of the bangs to touch your eyebrows while directing the longer pieces towards the corners of your eyes.

  1. Tapered bangs

There is so much you can do long eye-grazing bangs. The easiest thing to do is to slightly snip them below the brows and arrange the center strands to be feathery while leaving the heaviest pieces on the side of your face. Heavy bangs can overwhelm your face if not rightly positioned. Perfect arrangement of your tapered bangs can also add a soft element to your face especially if its square shaped.

  1. Boho Bangs

Boho bangs are perfect for people with a broad forehead and narrow chin (heart-shaped). The bangs are made shorter towards the middle and longer as they approach the cheekbones.

long hair style

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Bangs bring out an elegant look, particularly for long hair. They portray some degree of romance and femininity. The way you decide to style your bangs should, however, depend on the shape of your face.

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