The Different Ways In Which To Attach Hair Extensions

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These days, hair extensions are available in just about every shape, size and style imaginable. Along with various styles to choose from, there also many different ways in which hair extensions are attached. A few examples of which include micro loop, micro ring, pre-bonded hair extensions – each of which has become a staple in professional salons worldwide.

But what exactly are the key differences between these different bonding methods? More importantly, are any considered to be ‘better’ than any others, in accordance with the requirements of the customer?

Pre-bonded hair extensions

The most popular option across most of Europe is pre-bonded hair extensions.  This is essentially where the extensions are attached to the existing hair with a special type of heated glue. The technique can only be used with hair extensions that are certified 100% natural and when the existing hair to which they are attached is straight. The extensions themselves can be curly or straight and the glue used to attach the extensions is typically dyed to match the colour of the hair.

Micro ring hair extensions 

One of the most popular ‘cold’ attachment methods is micro ring hair extensions. This technique uses what’s known as the ‘Brazilian knot’ method, which involves the attachment of each strand of the hair extension individually.  A small amount of elastic thread is used to hold the strands in place, which once again is the same colour as the rest of the hair.Micro ring hair extensions are very precise and can produce outstanding results, without the need for heating or glue of any kind. It is a relatively intensive procedure that can take in excess of 5 hours to complete.

Micro loop hair extensions

Another popular ‘cold’ attachment method is micro loop hair extensions. An excellent choice for both short and long hair alike, the method uses a siliconized metal ring and a small lasso to attach the extensions in a matter of minutes.  Micro loop hair extensions are available in an endless variety of styles and specifications – an affordable high-quality option for a quick and easy transformation.

Clip in hair Extensions

One of the most accessible and popular options in the world, clip in hair extensions can be attached in a matter of seconds. Combining outstanding value for money with high quality natural hair, clip in hair extensions are a great way of quickly and easily improving the length and volume of existing hair.  Countless colours and styles are available to bring about the fastest possible transformation, while many types of clip-in hair extensions are easy enough to use at home without professional support.

Making the Choice

As there are countless variables to take into account, it pays to consult the experts before making your final decision. In accordance with your budget, your current hairstyle and your personal preferences, one extension type could represent a far better option than any other. So even if it’s simply to organise a consultation, it’s always worth asking the experts before going ahead.

This article was brought to you courtesy of the team at Expert Hair Extensions UK.

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