The Importance of Good Dental Health

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  • etoro opcje binarne Digestive problems – The first stage of digestion begins in the mouth, so if you suffer from poor dental health, there’s a good chance you’re not digesting your food properly which can lead to digestive problems. This includes irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal failure and other serious digestive disorders that may require surgery.
  • migliore piattaforma di opzioni binarie del Regno Unito Heart conditions – Infections in the mouth (poor dental health puts you at greater risk of oral infections) can affect major organs in the body, including the heart. A condition that may arise because of an oral infection is bacterial endocarditis. This is a serious condition that affects people with damaged heart tissue or heart disease, both of which can be brought on by infections in the mouth.
  •äre-optionen-erfolgreich-traden binäre optionen erfolgreich traden Preterm births – Gum disease and other oral infections have been linked to preterm births, with 18% of all preterm babies delivered in the US attributed to infections in the mouth. pq option binarie strategie opzioni binarie giornaliere

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